Weeknotes S01E11: sparkle and Flash, Flash and sparkle!

Stationary car, Flash watching the daffs and loving having wind in ears
Stationary: watching the daffs and loving having wind in ears

Always stretching his comfort zone: loving wind in ears but hating wind in ears! Who would have thought that my lovely pooch inspires me everyday.

What have I been doing?

Org change continues so much time with teams and individuals as we make the system support everyone on the journey, as much as is in our control.

The Integrated Review was released this week. This is a really important piece of work which aligns, combines and looks forward. Much to the surprise of some wider audiences, it is relevant for everyone. Why? It supports and enables much wider. The Integrated Review will set out our overarching strategy for integrating national security and foreign policy, setting direction around three core themes: resilience; an open, stable and prosperous at home and internationally; and science and technology.

The world is changing fast. It is getting tougher, increasingly competitive, with trends like accelerating technological change presenting new opportunities and new challenges. The UK must be ready to face these challenges: more resilient, and prepared to compete as well as cooperate.

Our team helped shaped the Digital Data and Technology work within this, and what it enables. There is more to do, but the strength of positioning of data, standards, enabling mechanisms and approaches underpin much and has been recognised in a positive light as the Integrated Review was released. Onwards!

Naturally much of my week was in dialogue with peers around Gov and our partners. As we move towards the start of the new Financial Year many and we are building on work done and continuing to move forward in delivery. Exciting times.

I was invited to join a Tech Lead meetup, a fishbowl event where open and constructive conversation not only shared ideas but showcased that this community have naturally shaped and grown skills and behaviours which are increasingly important for all growing leaders and line managers. An inspiring event and thanks to all the group for sharing!

I joined a Joint Assurance Review with NHS teams, a really honest and collaborative reflection and next steps across current and future products.

Another team event I was invited to was the end of GOV.UK Pay’s latest Discovery’s Show & Tell. X-Gov attendees, questions and insightful reflections from the team and wider, and next steps. They have delved into a valuable topic and their perspective underscored throughout with the “user” has a business lens which I value. It is not something which is necessary for some other development teams around Gov, but Pay (and our other common components of Government as a Platform (GaaP) products must constantly look to financial or market trends, to be competitive and cost effective. Always inspired and proud of what they progress. Thanks team.

It was my husband’s 50th this week, he was away so I spent my evenings getting ready for his lockdown weekend of celebrations with many many dreadfully naff decorations, including lots of photos and sparkle, and a carefully planned timetable of surprise video parties with friends and family. Flash, again provided comedy and wisdom beyond his paws in his navigation skills around the amazing green curtains. “Just close your eyes and weave” I would think is his motto. I also perceive he must think we are mad. :)

Flash weaving through a green sparkly curtain
Flash weaving through a green sparkly curtain
Flash weaving through a green sparkly curtain

What am I thinking?

Org changes! Working with teams.

Reading new things… Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow and Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. Both enlightening for different reasons. 10 *

Tidying up after lots of explosion of glitter filled balloons and victoria sponge and thinking of leaving green sparkly curtains up for perpetuity…

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