What have I been doing?

International Woman’s Day started the week, we held an event at work which was fabulous. The fantastic Caroline Bellamy, Chief Data Officer of MOD spoke alongside 2 other, very different but very relatable and down to earth women. Varied experiences but at the core all the same themes: networking, integrity, having a go, being bold, being authentic, walking the floor, supporting others: and across all 3, humility.

Lots of productive meetings with Ministers, leaders and teams around Government (Central and Local). Listening and connecting opportunities. I really enjoy hearing user stories, sharing and unblocking together and hoarding interesting case studies.

I took part in an upcoming podcast on user needs when addressing legacy technology. Great to meet a dept and share a discussion on this, plus see how it all worked behind the scenes to make podcasts happen!

Digital Leaders’ first book club. An enjoyable fireside chat and then small round table discussion. Someone had joined from NZ v early in the morning! Great to meet new people and ideas from medicine, to consultancy, all the same themes we face.

Meeting apprentices, fast streamers across Gov, listening and supporting End of Years and sharing ideas in Talent meetings across our Directorate. Supporting the growth of our teams, progress.. but always more to do.

What am I thinking?

Really busy week, and weekend, and week ahead… lots more team and organisational work this week with our teams. Reflecting on how clever my team are, how broad and how lucky I am to work with them.

I passed my final module before my final Doctorate thesis starts. Great! Feedback was not enough philosophy.. I really need to get better at that but long words and theory perplexes me sometimes. I have a meeting with my supervisor this week so I’ll assess his view and approach!

My Gma turned 98. She’s a fabulous lady and had a day full of parties. Of course! On a week of #ChooseToChallenge and inspirational women and male champions, there are many people in my life I have inwardly cheered this week. However, this week Flash has stepped aside for Betty in photo fun. This time last year, on the right below I was with her, today she celebrated with friends and family on the left with love, affection, kindness, authenticity, courage and resilience… and pinot gris and tiramisu.

Grandma Betty, the ultimate user in my mind. Celebrating her bday with a tiramisu and in the sunshine.

Curious, pooch loving fan of: digital, data & technology, digital confidence & inclusion, nature, duathlon and cake (in equal measures).. sharing and teamwork

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