A tired Flash the whippet yawning

Well I can’t adjust the size of the photo… so you get a lovely yawning whippet sunbathing on our old church pew.

What have I been doing?

I presented our teams’ work and aims at several meetings, as did many of our wider team across Gov and into communities. So lots of support, prep, delivery, next steps. Also it always means we meet LOTS of new people, interesting people, views, ideas… not enough hours in the day so it’s focussing on the things which matter most… but hopefully connecting others to those who can help them.

I’ve spoken about Brand (I think) before in these weeknotes, definitely in my “Data not Dates” story last week. Our next steps are to help others help themselves, find content or people to increase pace, impact and effect. Plus also do more together. Some naturally like to work within their teams, or programmes, it’s not how I work well, we can do so much more together and as a “porous” community as one fabulous leader I met this week said. I do find it interesting about fear of losing “accountability” or is it recognition? I’d rather us all do more together, more efficiently, supporting and all as the best ambassadors of each other, our work, our impact that we can be. Why write about it? As I’m like a stuck record on Brand and the need to showcase more and I wanted to explain a bit wider, as some of my broader team read this. ALL they do is critical, valuable, I talk about and facilitate others using it day in, day out. The impact of their work is vast: one example this week (subject matter I’ll leave out).. from NY City to Firefighting… so much enabled, so much more to do. It’s a journey!

I attended several external meetings including as a stakeholder on a X-Gov group on the future of payments (going in and coming out), coherence across the user journey and staying attune to user needs (will the trend be open banking, or will that be the mini disks of trend…) but again what can we do together.

I went to standups, continued to have intro 121s across the teams, and met our Directorate new joiners: SO MANY great ideas. All on a list and with teams we’ll work through to help make work, life, community, joy…all better.

What am I thinking?

Watching the unlock plans, I’m trying to fix my broken foot by not getting out and enjoying the spring weather so that when the time comes I can! However I did manage one short walk and even Flash had fun!

A setting sun at the beach after a sunny weekend with Flash

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