Spring blooms and international sharing.

What have I been doing?

Our role is of enablers to others, this is really valuable and continually stretches the team’s vision and how we can further connect people who can help each other and reuse ideas (people, process and tech.) This included meetings with the Automation taskforce to further shape how we can help each other, the CDO of MOD, Ben Goldacre for comparables in Health, potential resourcing partners for different methods of attracting and growing diverse and inclusive talent across DDaT. Also time with both of our new leaders and sharing plans. A particular delight was taking part in a Discovery session with one of the teams and also speaking at, then sharing challenges and opportunities with European International leaders. I was delighted to be invited by the product team and value all the idea sharing and shaping from each of them seamlessly combining together.

Another topic of much crunching is Capability (skills) enabling Capability (outcomes) and the cyclic nature of this: what enables and what blocks i.e. what levers are needed to create a smooth running cycle. More to do… I ended the week reflecting with the Executive Team as to what we have called GDS Conversations, thousands of responses and ideas from our colleagues to draw together and make GDS the very best place for all to be included, to achieve their very best: to work, to share and to grow.

What am I thinking?

Submitted DBA assignment this weekend. Eek. On to the main thesis now… whoop whoop.. (double eek.)

Back to that Capability (squared) -yes I’m funny-cycle, much is on my mind about stuff. Stuff that isn’t a waste but back to that phrase of no-one comes to work to do a bad job…. things have just happened to create paperwork for paperworks sake. I am simple and 1. unnecessary complexity causes friction, loses impact of intent i.e. lack of KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) and 2. I dislike if I see people duplicating, wasting effort and 3. Data flows should be clear and what is enabling what should be clear for all, and therefore an individual’s place in the system: and therefore too the outcomes and decisions to be made. Things we once did, or thought were relevant we should routinely step back from and assess if they are creating the outcome or change in behaviour required.

Simple clarity and focus on things that matter.

Curious, pooch loving fan of: digital, data & technology, digital confidence & inclusion, nature, duathlon and cake (in equal measures).. sharing and teamwork

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