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  • Gareth Davies

    Gareth Davies

  • Isabella Kajiwara

    Isabella Kajiwara

    BA International Relations student at SOAS, University of London. Intersectional feminism, abolition, and decolonisation studies.

  • Ellie Bishop

    Ellie Bishop

    Cat lover and digital fanatic. Pursuing knowledge on digital, and how digital can socially bring us closer together.

  • Cameron Smith

    Cameron Smith

  • Caritaruththomas


  • Imran Hussain

    Imran Hussain

    I do communities stuff. I help out with @govcampnorth @ leedsgovjam @oneteamgov

  • Jay Armstrong

    Jay Armstrong

    People, pictures and words.

  • Oliver Hannan

    Oliver Hannan

    I write my personal opinions here, not those of my employer. I work in London local government as a digital product manager. https://oliverhannan.carrd.co/

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