Stationary car, Flash watching the daffs and loving having wind in ears
Stationary car, Flash watching the daffs and loving having wind in ears
Stationary: watching the daffs and loving having wind in ears

Always stretching his comfort zone: loving wind in ears but hating wind in ears! Who would have thought that my lovely pooch inspires me everyday.

What have I been doing?

Org change continues so much time with teams and individuals as we make the system support everyone on the journey, as much as is in our control.

The Integrated Review was released this week. This is a really important piece of work which aligns, combines and looks forward. Much to the surprise of some wider audiences, it is relevant for everyone. Why? It supports and enables much wider. The Integrated…

What have I been doing?

International Woman’s Day started the week, we held an event at work which was fabulous. The fantastic Caroline Bellamy, Chief Data Officer of MOD spoke alongside 2 other, very different but very relatable and down to earth women. Varied experiences but at the core all the same themes: networking, integrity, having a go, being bold, being authentic, walking the floor, supporting others: and across all 3, humility.

Lots of productive meetings with Ministers, leaders and teams around Government (Central and Local). Listening and connecting opportunities. …

International Woman’s Day 2021 theme: Choose to Challenge.

“You cannot be who you cannot see” and “ speak out for others who may not have a voice”

As senior champion of the Women’s Network at the Government Digital Service I am exceptionally proud of all work done so far by individuals and the collective to address gender equality: to enable all to be the best they can be. I also know there is more to do across the inclusion and equality agenda. …

Low tide, more sunshine, lots of people!

What have I been doing?

Listening, thinking and talking! Hugely privileged to be asked to join the Digital Leaders team and the Public Sector Innovation conference on Tuesday, talking with peers around the UK and partners about digital transformation and how to sustain, and build on it in the recovery from COVID-19. The Chair, Professor Mark Thompson expertly and energetically fielded many thoughts and ideas throughout the day, and reflected on the day here. I was really taken by the number of local initiatives, with clear intent and focus by speakers and attendees…

A tired Flash the whippet yawning

Well I can’t adjust the size of the photo… so you get a lovely yawning whippet sunbathing on our old church pew.

What have I been doing?

I presented our teams’ work and aims at several meetings, as did many of our wider team across Gov and into communities. So lots of support, prep, delivery, next steps. Also it always means we meet LOTS of new people, interesting people, views, ideas… not enough hours in the day so it’s focussing on the things which matter most… but hopefully connecting others to those who can help them.

I’ve spoken about Brand…

This new phrase has hit the streets. Data and all it is and can enable is clearly exceptionally valuable for insight, policy decisions, health, growth and prosperity: for all of us, and our communities. It underpins the outcomes of all letters of Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT): where the sandwich of the outer D and T are vehicles to enable effective and efficient D in the jam centre for data to flow. (No more sandwich analogies promise…)

Disclaimer: everything in these rambling is in the public domain (apols!) but this aims to add a personal spin to the work which…

Milder weather, National Pet Day, catching the last light on wild evening walks and meeting current-future talent!

Wild weather, fishing on the beach and Flash the Whippet

What have I been doing?

A highlight of the week was meeting the Digital Data and Technology (DDaT) Fast Streamers. These are talented, resilient, inspiring, motivated individuals who rotate around Depts, anywhere in the UK, and across the many DDaT roles gaining lots of experience before moving into their first roles. They held a conference on New/Emerging Tech and invited me to speak. The agenda was jam packed with clever people and so instead of shiny toys and whizzy things (which I can…

Spring blooms and international sharing.

What have I been doing?

Our role is of enablers to others, this is really valuable and continually stretches the team’s vision and how we can further connect people who can help each other and reuse ideas (people, process and tech.) This included meetings with the Automation taskforce to further shape how we can help each other, the CDO of MOD, Ben Goldacre for comparables in Health, potential resourcing partners for different methods of attracting and growing diverse and inclusive talent across DDaT. Also time with both of our new leaders and sharing plans. A…

February! You are glorious! Spring, and birds and daffodils. Light and sparkle and joy. I also joined the lockdown birthday club this week and it was great! In a virtual birthday world, it was different but equally lovely and I was spoiled by friends and family sending sparkle through the airwaves. This and other events this week, including mental health day continues to bump kindness to the top of the chart and is at the forefront of my mind.

What have I been doing?

Working with teams planning for Q1 and next year. More to do and co-create within and…

The end of January has hurtled towards us, the evenings are slowly getting lighter and it is making such a difference to my wellbeing, especially this week as I’ve delved into complex areas. So, to this week: from personal sharing to team away days, to working in the open, and the value of open systems, open standards, I’ve been more aware of how my world has always been about the value of openness-in thinking, in exploration, in community, in doing.

What have I been doing?

I connected with the new community manager for Defence Connect, good job that. This brought…

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Curious, pooch loving fan of: digital, data & technology, digital confidence & inclusion, nature, duathlon and cake (in equal measures).. sharing and teamwork

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